Editorial Board

Executive Editor
Florian Weihrauch Osmylus Scientific Publishers, Odonatologica Editorial Office, Postfach 1212. D-85280 Wolnzach, Germany

Magnus Billqvist Lund, Sweden

Associate Editors
Steve J. Brooks UK
Alex Córdoba-Aguilar Mexico
Andreas Martens Germany
Albert G. Orr Australia

Editorial Board
Seth M. Bybee USA
Alcimar do Lago Carvalho Brazil
Viola Clausnitzer Germany
Klaas-Douwe B. Dijkstra The Netherlands
Aleš Dolný Czech Republic
Henri J. Dumont China
Günther Fleck France
Ryo Futahashi Japan
Matti Hämäläinen Finland
Sönke Hardersen Italy
Daniela Keller Switzerland
Bastiaan Kiauta The Netherlands
Oleg E. Kosterin Russia
Philippe Lambret France
M. Olalla Lorenzo-Carballa UK
Michael L. May USA
Javier Muzón Argentina
Dennis Paulson USA
Günther Theischinger Austria
Graham S. Vick UK
Jessica Ware USA
Hansruedi Wildermuth Switzerland
Jana Willkommen Germany
Hao-miao Zhang China


One thought on “Editorial Board

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